FREE 5-Day Hormone Detox
FREE 5-Day Hormone Detox
Experience lifelong hormone health
Get your FREE 5-Day Hormone Detox

We often make jokes about our hormones when we cry during a commercial, or we blame them when we eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting. But our hormones play a role in every aspect of our health and well-being, and when you experience hormone imbalance, it can take a serious toll.

While some shifts in your hormones are normal, especially around menstruation, ovulation or menopause, continued hormone imbalance is more serious. Hormone imbalance has a long list of symptoms and complications that can be debilitating over a long period of time.

  • Digestive problems, such as bloating, cramping and irregularity
  • Fatigue that begins when you wake in the morning and worsens throughout the day
  • Joint pain, or muscle aches and weakness
  • Dry skin and unexplained rashes or acne
  • Thinning hair and hair loss
  • Anxiety, nervousness and irritability that seems to come from nowhere
  • Low to no sex drive
  • Heavy, painful or irregular menstruation
  • Difficulty regulating your temperature—either you’re always cold or always hot
  • Unexplained weight gain, no matter how much you diet or exercise

You know this isn’t normal, that there is something seriously wrong.

You’ve gone to the doctor multiple times, undergone tests, been handed prescriptions—nothing seems to help, and you just want to know WHY you feel so badly.

You want to know why you have no energy, why your body hurts, why you’re anxious and nervous all the time, and so much more.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I’m here to help you get to the root cause of your hormone and skin struggles. You deserve to experience a life of thriving health, boundless energy and glowing skin. You deserve to feel good!

Begin your path to nourishing your body, restoring your gut health and balancing your hormones

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Start your FREE 5-Day Hormone Detox

In this digital mini-course, learn how to take control of your hormones, own a body you love, and feel amazing and balanced!

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Receive support and accountability

Select the customized wellness and nutrition program that works for your health needs and your budget. Receive the coaching and resources that will support you.

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Experience thriving health and live your best life

When you implement the tools and strategies, and nourish your body with exactly what it needs, you’ll cleanse your body of toxins and chemicals so you can start to restore balance to your hormones and your skin.

Hormone balance, healthy mindset, happy gut!

Get to the root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. You can do it naturally, without dangerous medications or hormone therapy.

Imagine what life can be like…

Boundless energy - Resetting your hormones and fueling your body will provide you with the energy you need to get through the day with ease, able to do what you love and not relying on caffeine or sugar to make it through.

Feel calm and in control - Instead of irritability, nervousness, and mood swings, you can experience a calm, focused mind and a peaceful, joyful heart!

Freedom from pain - You can finally get your life back from pain and struggle, able to get back to doing what you love and living your best life!

As a medical esthetician and functional nutrition counsellor, I help women reclaim their health and vibrancy by bringing their hormones into balance and breaking free from the dangers of processed food, sugar and toxic chemicals.

Your skin is a two-sided organ and a reflection of your life story. It reflects the quality of your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. There are six root causes of imperfect skin. Your gut microbiome communicates with your skin via the gut-skin axis, which directly influences your appearance. True skin transformation is only possible when we work from within.

I understand that problems with your skin and overall health can cause distress in different ways and can lead to poor self-image and reduced confidence. I personally know how it feels to be confused, frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed with my skin. But through over a decade of research and developing my expertise in skin health, nutrition and medical esthetics, I have unlocked the secret to achieving glowing, gorgeous skin.

Work with Me
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Amanda L.

Katie has helped my skin so much! Since going to Katie regularly for facials, and also needle free mesotherapy, people are actually giving me compliments on my skin. (For the first time in my life!)

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Marianne J.

When I have an upcoming appointment with Katie, I look forward to it so much! I love what she does for me. She has made some great recommendations and, combined with the treatments, I see the benefits in my skin.

Take control of your hormones, own a body you love, and feel amazing and balanced!

Get ready to say goodbye to hot flashes, inflammation, digestive issues, muffin top, extra inches and more!

In this digital mini-course, you will discover how to: 

  • Eat the right foods that love your body back and balance your hormones with ease
  • Create a daily schedule that sets you up for hormonal health and real balance in every area of your life
  • Rid your body of toxins that wreak havoc on your hormones so you can thrive in true hormonal health

Start your FREE 5-Day Hormone Detox

Ready to THRIVE and say HELLO to a healthy, balanced body?

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