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I’m Katie Marshall and I'm on a mission to help women reclaim their health and vibrancy by bringing their hormones into balance and breaking free from the dangers of processed food, sugar, and toxic chemicals.

As a medical esthetician, skin analysis expert, and certified functional nutritionist, I help people get to the root of their health and skin struggles. 

You are not alone! I personally know how it feels to be confused, frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed with my skin. As a former acne sufferer, I understand that problems with your skin and overall health can cause distress in different ways and can lead to poor self-image and reduced confidence.

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Customized wellness and nutrition programs that transform your skin from good to gorgeous!

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At an early age, I experienced my own complications with digestive and hormone health that resulted in an acne-prone epidermis and stomach ulcers. After years of prescription-based treatments and aggressive facial treatment that only seemed to worsen the situation, I finally said, "No more!" and embarked on a mission to treat skin in a corneotherapeutic and nutritional approach.

Through over a decade of research and developing my expertise in skin health, nutrition, and medical esthetics, I have unlocked the secret to achieving glowing, gorgeous skin.

I understand that problems with your skin health can cause distress in many different ways and can lead to poor self-image and reduced confidence. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your skin health, I can assist you.

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MBK Clinical Skincare Solutions

In 2010, I opened an award-winning wellness clinic, MBK Cultivate Skin & Nutrition Wellness in Vancouver, Canada. At the clinic, I prepare custom skincare regimens for my clients by performing an analysis of their biochemistry, digestion, health goals, and environmental influences.

To better serve my clients, I developed a skincare line that matches my commitment to using the best ingredients for skin care rejuvenation. Each product uses a combination of botanical extracts and vitamins that soothe even the most sensitive of complexions. 

MBK Mentoring and Coaching

Most recently, I launched MBK Mentoring and Coaching, an online e-course platform, to introduce holistic skin health programs and integrative treatments for health and wellness business professionals to use in their spas and clinics, as well as for my own clients.

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Pumpkin Cleanse

This refreshing daily cleanser removes surface residue and protects against free radical damage. 

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Super C Serum

A high potency multi-C cocktail that drenches skin in an infusion of powerful antioxidants. 

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Ferulic+ Creme

A high potency silicone-based antioxidant crème that offers superior extended skin conditioning due to its protective botanical content.

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Refining Exfoliant

Smooth the appearance of your skin with this highly effective, deliciously scented pineapple peel. 

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The MBK Skin Care Method

The MBK Skin Health Programs are developed based on functional nutrition and dermo-nutrition methods that help clients achieve optimal health through tailored skincare regimens, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle. 

By combining innovative medical esthetics and holistic nutrition, I take an "inside out" approach to mind, body, and wellness. Instead of simply bandaging your standalone symptoms, I get to the root cause of your skin and hormone issues.

Functional nutrition and dermo-nutrition look beyond topical skincare treatments to dive into the body's gut health and how it is promoting symptoms of dull, congested, and acne-prone skin. I use this approach when selecting the treatment plan that will work best for my client's concerns. 

My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from helping my clients not only achieve beautiful skin but also reduce the inner health concerns that have caused inflammation and hormone irregularities. My goal is to not only help you feel better now but to help you live a glowing, vital and robust life for as long as you live.

Work with Me
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Jolene E.

Katie is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable about everything related to skin care. She is very professional, kind and considerate.

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Victoria H.

I LOVE Katie! She is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to and I appreciate her ability to match products to my needs without over selling me on anything I don't need.

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Linda G.

Katie is a true professional who is well educated and practiced in all aspects of her business.

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